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Nina is a masterfully trained colorist specializing in custom color formulation, zoning and proper application of hair color that includes on-scalp, off-scalp, modern and traditional applications. Her color applications are ensured to have gentle processing that result in beautiful healthy hair that is fortified, pH balanced and have great shine and dimension.


INTRODUCTION The future of cosmetic research and development lies in the hands of practicing cosmetologists and establishing relationships with others in the medical profession, chemists--and the nature of science that brings us together. A great alternative approach to skin, health and hair care lies in educating the salon professional, so that she in turn, enlightens the client and consumers whose lifestyles and shopping behaviors, in some capacity, she influences. There is a huge disconnect between the practicing cosmetologist who knows the anatomy, physiology and engineering used in our field, and those who don’t. The tendency for us is to focus on the cosmetic, beautiful if you will, side of the business that fosters us to use our creativity as art. Rare is there, the practitioner who curiously seeks the knowledge of uncovering hair and scalp problems and an understanding of the scientific approaches used to combat these issues. For those of us that do, what binds us is our innate skill set for research methodology, quality assurance and superior product development. SUMMARY The challenge, then and now, is how to get cosmetologists motivated about the science and engineering involved in hair science and cosmetic research and development? How to bridge the gap and create dialogue within the medical and research profession? Through this research, I share my views and research on creating excitement around STEM, as it relates to cosmetology and in an effort to introduce advancements in trichology, cosmetic formulation, product development and marketing.

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